Buzzing Dragon Food Pairings

A good sauce can make any boring food worth eating, but to get the most out of each precious drop of your Buzzing Dragon, you need the right pairing. Now, everyone’s taste is different, and we’ve been surprised by some of the combinations touted by our customers, but here are a few rock-solid food choices to go with the dragon:

Scrambled Eggs

Across the board, people love Buzzing Dragon on their morning eggs. The sweetness of the sauce makes for an inviting first bite, and the heat that follows makes you wanna shovel those fluffy yellows down quick. Go with a mild cheese melted in, some chopped ham if that’s your thing, and load it up with the red stuff. You’ll suddenly find time for a hot breakfast every morning.

Bonus tip: Go for a simple home fry on the side – maybe with some onion and bell pepper – and dip those bad boys in the sauce left behind from the eggs.

Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

Breaded Chicken

Chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, chicken tenders, breaded chicken sandwich, fried chicken, oven-baked breaded chicken breast… Any way you wanna have it, you’re gonna want to put some Buzzing Dragon on it. The thickness and sweetness of the sauce give it the same pairing qualities of ketchup, but the honey and heat make for a remarkably better flavor.

Even fast food chicken takes a big step forward with Buzzing Dragon. Gone are the days of settling for that tiny cup of BBQ or Buffalo flavored disappointment. Keep your traveling bottle handy.

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash


More and more people are discovering the joy that is hot sauce on a pizza. Buzzing Dragon goes great with a wide range of pies. From your gourmet, thin-crust, wood-fired oven pizza-on-a-cracker, to a New York style slice – buzz it up. Day-after pizza – buzz it up cold. Kids’ birthday party budget ‘za – buzz it up. Freezer-burnt pizza-flavored rectangles… you get the idea.

If you’re into making homemade pizza, give this a try: After proofing and flattening your dough, give it a thin coat of olive oil, followed by a drizzle of Buzzing, and finally your pizza sauce, cheese and toppings. You can always add more after baking, but getting the Buzzing Dragon flavor deep into each bite lets you enjoy the full range of taste.

Photo by shaian ramesht on Unsplash

This could go on all day...

Buzzing Dragon is great on pork. It’s great on grilled shrimp. It’s outstanding on fried calamari. Pour it on some air-fried chicken wings (Dragon Wings). An Italian sub. A turkey sausage. Seriously – this sauce is versatile. 

Got any great pairings that didn’t make the list? Let us know on Facebook so we can share!