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The Gauntlet

Gather friends and run the gauntlet! This set is perfect for hosting your very own hot sauce challenge, with 4 varieties of increasing intensity.

Start with our classic Louisiana-style hot sauce, St Francis The Deceiver (5/10 🔥).

Next is our flagship, Buzzing Dragon, honey habanero (6/10 🔥).

Step it up to O’DAM, featuring roasted red peppers, fennel seed, and scorpion peppers (7/10 🔥).

Finally, take a dip with the Man ‘o War, our hottest sauce, featuring Carolina Reapers (8/10 🔥).

Wings are the perfect medium for these sauces, but for an easier prep, chicken tenders or nuggets will do just fine. Make sure you’ve got a healthy amount of sauce on each bite – a dab won’t do it. Wait at least 2-3 minutes between each level. If you can take the Man o’ War, and go 5 minutes without a drink (or other food), you’ve survived the gauntlet!

Send us your victory pics, or, preferably, your failure pics, on Facebook or Instagram!



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